While in Bali, we booked a bike ride on the last day, the weather was amazing as it was drizzling and cloudy. We booked the ride via our hotel - melia benoa.

The driver picked us up around 7 in the morning and drove us to the top of the inactive volcano where we had tea and pancakes and then took us to the start point. We shared the van with a couple who were extremely friendly. The bikes were equipped with brakes, cloves, head gear and water. We drove down the slopes waving at residents, stopping for pictures and water breaks. There was one location where we had to pick up our bikes and walk between a steep hill on one side and the river on the other. The hill was lush green (in ubud) with cottages peeking at us and flowers all around. Young couples romancing in the corners of the lushgreen and then we rode through the narrow path. Very scary but looked like a piece from heaven. Wish i had my camera to capture the moment.

A must must do! We were accompanied by the experienced bikers (tour guides) all throughout and we ended up at a local rest for lunch which was part of the package.

All in all, the early morning, the ride through the rain, every bit of it is worth it. I will definitely do this again. Keep a camera around your neck at all times!!

  • Visited June 2010
Karachi, Pakistan