Dewa Bob and his family owns the business. He shares historical information, his family history and he is very funny. The day we did the bike ride was the day they had a storm - it was windy and raining hard, but this did not bother us , it actually made our experience even better. They provided us with ponchos. My brother and 2 of my friends did this bike ride with me.

They provided pick up and drop off from our hotel. We started with breakfast in a coffee plantation, we checked out the mt. Batur lake and volcano before heading to our starting point. The bike ride is mostly downhill with the exception of 2 or 3 climbs towards the end of the ride. We went thru rice paddies and villages- we did not see any tourists, all locals on our route.

We were all soaking wet when we got to his home and he let us borrow sarongs from his family.

The best local meal we had was in Dewa Bob's house which was prepared by his wife. We feasted on satay, soup, rice, fried tempeh, Mi goreng and gado-gado.

We all celebrated by drinking the local beer and Dewa Bob joined us and shared more stories about local life, traditions and his family.
It was a great experience overall. This is locally owned and they just started about 11 months ago. Support local businesses. If you are adventurous and want to experience something different - this is a must do in Bali.

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