I went on this tour on my last full day in Indonesia. It was one of the best experiences on the whole trip! I was traveling on my own, and despite being the only person to sign up for a tour that day, Dewa Bob still cheerfully took me on this tour.

We began our day at 8am where they picked me up at my hotel. We saw the rice terraces bright and early. We stopped at a coffee plantation (more like a presentation of plants and such, still very cool). The civets that produce the kopi luwak coffee. Not being a huge coffee fan, I didn't try any, but it was still interesting to see them. We got samples of various teas and coffees and some breakfast from Dewa Bob.

We went up to the the volcano which was beautiful to see. All through this Dewa Bob was telling great stories about the religion, mythology, and daily life of Bali. I didn't know much about it, so hearing about all of this was wonderful!

Aft this we started the bike ride which was fairly easy-going. They really pay attention to how well you're handling the biking and adjust the tours depending on the person - it's really nice.

It was great riding through all the villages and waving to all the kids and other people! Seeing the smaller villages around Ubud was a fun experience.

The lunch made by Dewa Bob's wife was delicious and probably the best meal I had on the whole trip.

They were also nice enough to help me organize a ride back to the airport the next day, which was such a relief!

I fully recommend this tour company. I'll probably go with them again when I go back next time!!