When my friends and I were planning to go to Bali, we wanted a unique and fun experience. This is exactly what Bali on Bike gave us. For a very reasonable price, in fact cheaper than most cycling tours around, I had one of the most unforgettable memories. We were picked up by Pak Dewa Yoga, the driver who also later accompanied us throughout the cycling trip. Then somewhere in Ubud we met Pak Dewa Bob, who was the owner of Bali on Bike. He is a very friendly and outgoing man. He also explained to us in detail about the "ngaben" tradition of cremating dead people when we passed a group of Balinese men who were making a "case" to bury a person before cremation.
First we went to the coffee plantation where we had our small breakfast and coffee tasting (the coffees and teas were delicious!). Then we headed towards Mount & Lake Batur, where we took a couple of pictures and then went downhill a little to start our cycling tour. Pak Dewa Bob said the ride was 35km, and it took approx 3,5 hours. There was a lot of downhill cycling--your arms will hurt more than your legs. The uphill cycling were apparent only at the end of the tour.
If you cannot cycle, don't fret! Two of my friends couldn't ride a bike when we started the tour, so Pak Dewa Bob taught them for a couple of minutes before we actually started the tour. And my friends did it! First time riding a bike and they could immediately do it, thanks to the patient teaching of Pak Dewa Bob. The team that Pak Dewa Bob brought were attentive and helpful. Because my two friends just learned to ride, the four of us who can already ride went first with Pak Dewa Bob, and one of my friends was accompanied by one of BOB's staff and the other by the driver, Pak Dewa Yoga. We passed roads which both sides were covered in thick forests, we passed rice fields and Balinese villages where people (esp children)--and dogs--greeted us. The views were magnificent, I wish I could have taken more photos. We stopped by a couple of times to take pictures and to take a rest because our arms were beginning to become sore. Pak Dewa Bob always gave signals to us to go left whenever there's a vehicle passing by.
Then we went to Pak Dewa Bob's Balinese house as the finish line to eat the food cooked by his wife. I love the Balinese urap (vegetables) and tofu in soy sauce. Yum :9 Pak Dewa Bob & his team were very friendly, they chatted with us prior to our leaving. Pak Dewa Bob was very generous with us, he gave us 2 extra bottled water to take home and a couple of bananas.
Thank you Pak Dewa Bob & Team for being very friendly, helpful and making our senior trip memorable!

Tip: Either wear long-sleeve & long pants like jeans or tanktop & shorts and use sunscreen because although it may not appear hot, you'll get sunburn. I have dark skin and I got sunburnt!