I decided to choose Bali on Bike purely because it's listed at No. 1 on Trip Advisor, I couldn't be happier with my decision. Pak Dewa (Founder/Owner/Tour Guide) was kind-hearted and very delightful to be with.

We started with the coffee tasting, it was a great start for the day ahead of us, everything was delicious, although, the lady there was a bit pushy about buying coffee but nothing travelers can't handle - we wanted to buy some coffee anyway.

Then we went on to see the volcano and the lake, very picturesque, panorama camera is recommended.

Then we started the biking, bicycles were almost new, great condition. There were some rough roads, if you don't feel like riding through it, you have a choice of always switching back to the car that follows us the whole way, you can always switch back to bicycle. It was a great ride. We even stopped by the rice field and learn how to harvest with the real villagers that were harvesting at the moment.

Then after the ride, Pak Dewa welcomes us into his home, where we met his lovely wife, who prepared us a wonderful lunch. There were altogether 4 of us, and we all agreed that it was one of the best meal we had on the trip.

Thank you BOB, stay No. 1!

Bangkok, Thailand