Bus picks you up from acomodation, first stop is Coffee plantation for tasting session, basic breakfast etc. Then onto view High mountains etc before picking up Bikes.
Bike ride is for approx 2.5 hrs and downhill or flat except for 2 short very climbs which can be walked.
The route takes you through villages, back roads etc. The guide stops regularly to give informative information on all aspects of Balinese life. There are staff at any road crossings to help you accross & providde more water etc. Finally at the end the tour finishes at the owners house where you can enjoy a superb lunch prepared by his wife.

An excellent tour, that is well worth the money, and also suitable for people with no cycling experience as not difficult. You should take a day out of your schedule to do this.

Visited June 2012
Llanellen, Abergavenny