We booked via email and received a quick and informative response.
Hotel pickup was on time and the drive up to Ubud starts to lose its shine after a few tours. (note to self: stay in Ubud for a few days next trip to get all the tours out of the way to avoid the 60-90 min drive each way)
We picked up our guide 'Moon' on the way up to the volcano and got some info on Bali life, traditions etc. We stopped at the top for some great photos as the day was nice and clear.
Maybe 1k away we stopped and selected our bikes and helmets which were in good condition with a cold water bottle already in place.
The trip down was fairly easy going with some great views of local balinese communities and scenery. We stopped at saw workers picking and sorting fruit and went into the field to see them in action. Later we visited a local balinese family and got to look around their compound.
There were plenty of photo chances, more towards the end of the 35km ride, you can stop whenever you want and the driver would pull ahead to ensure safe crossing of any busier roads. There were a few small hills but nothing overly strenuous, 99% is downhill.
Great reception at the BOB's house (the owner) to finish the ride. Mrs Bob prepared several traditional dishes which were all absolutely delicious. We were offered complimentary soft drinks and/or Bintangs (beer) and sat and chatted freely with Moon, who ate lunch with us. This was great because most companies do not let the guides eat with the guests, much appreciated.
If you want to impress the few local children that you come across, buy a bag of lollies. Moon has some in his belt to give out and the kids are really cute and friendly.

Visited August 2013

Melbourne, Australia