I think there are a lot of other bike companies to chose from, so why this one?
- Dewa Bob varies the trip to suit the interests of those on it
- The party numbers appear to be kept small, so no worries about being stuck at the back of a long line
- Whilst it is virtually all down hill, he will even vary the route to avoid anything but the smallest hill
- Stops and talks to the locals to show how the rice was harvested first hand
- On the pick up from Ubud, stopped off at Teggalang Rice Terrace and Kintamanee so covering a couple of other sight seeing aspects
- Really tasty and pleasant lunch in the peace of Dewa Bob's garden - nice way to end the trip
All in all, I can't fault this for a way of seeing the country side in a leisurely manner - much nicer than being in a car

Visited July 2012