Whilst there are a number of bike tour operators, it's hard to imagine one being any better than this. Our group of 9 (4 adults and 5 late teen/early twenties kids) was led was Dewar ("Bob"), the most delightful, gentle man with an intimate knowledge of the area and its people. After the bus trip (with a stop at Mt Batur and a coffee plantation on the way, both excellent) the ride is a gentle downhill run all the way, through wonderful scenery. But what makes it extra special is the stops; in a rice paddy to watch the local workers harvesting their crop; in a small village with the women in their traditional clothes preparing the offerings; and then with a local family, the most lovely, happy and genrous people in such modest circumstances. It provides a wonderful window into traditional Balinese village life. And finally we were invited into Bob's family home for lunch at the end of the ride, superbly cooked and presented by his wife, formerly a chef, in what was probably our best Indonesian meal of our fortnight's trip. Do not miss this experience.

Visited July 2012

Adelaide, South Australia