It's a measure of how fondly I remember our day with Bob and the excellent product that I've carried the bloody card around for 3 months in my wallet until I've finally gotten around to telling the world about Bob!

Do yourself a favour, skip the more heavily marketed, longer established tours and go with Bob.

The obvious stuff is great - bikes, water, routes, scenery etc. But it's the authenticity of Bob that made it special. His English is great and his generosity in sharing and talking openly about any aspect of the Balinese culture was what made this such a fantastic day.

We really were part of the family while there, and the trip ended with lunch at his famiy home prepared by his wife and family - one of the best meals I've had over the years in Bali and a privilege to be invited in openly to share with the family. There's nothing quite like it I've found before or since - there really is something special about Bob.

And it's extra cool that he took a risk to setup this fledgling business not long ago, and his pride and hard work in how it's building - not coz of marketing or kickbacks, but through providing a superb experience and being open and engaged with others. When we'd finished lunch and every need was attended to, as our driver appeared to take us away, we asked Bob where he was off to. He shyly but proudly shared with us that he was off to an afternoon group of clients - the first time he'd had two tours on the same day!

Get him while you still can!

Visited April 2012

Melbourne, Australia