An amazing bike trip through the center of bali!!! The bike tour started with a breakfast at the top of the mountain with a beautiful view of the lake. The bike tour was an enjoyable easy downhill route, nothing to extreme.
Besides exploring the inlands of Bali the tour guide Dewa Bob was excellent and provided us with tons of information on a variety of subjects. The different crops and spices that Bali is known for, especially the inner workings of harvesting coffee (coffee luwak!) and rice. We helped plant a little square of our own rice as well!!
The most interesting part for me however was the information over the Balinese culture, Dewa Bob explained how their religion plays a major role in the family and how important this was in their daily routine. And telling me about his own family, stories that not only give insight in this special culture but makes you want to become a part of it.
Last but certainly not least the end of the bike trip included one of the most indulgent home cooking I have seen from the lovely wife of Dewa Bob. Extremely good food which instead for the 3 of us seemed like it was made for at least ten people!!!
Concluding this was one of our best trips in Bali, for a very good price which includes pick up and drop of at the hotel. So a recommendation for everyone visiting this island!
Christiane, Jelle and Tjitske

Visited May 2012

Amsterdam, The Netherlands