Don't leave Bali without doing this tour! It was easily the highlight of our trip to Asia. The trip promises to give tourists a peak into the real lives of the Balinese people and it did exactly that. Dewa "Bob" was a great guide - we felt enriched by the things he openly shared with us about his culture.

Here are a few highlights:
- the tour group is very small (there were four of us in total comprised of two couples). This meant a more personalized ride, fewer stops during pick up and drop off, etc. we saw many other biking tour groups on the way that were easily triple our size.
- parts of the trip are standard (ie stopping at the mount batur volcano, rice patties) but others were spontaneous. We got to stop by a elementary school in the village where my boyfriend played soccer with the young boys and I talked and took pictures with the young girls. This was the best part of our trip! We had only wished we had brought some small gifts from Canada to give to the children as keepsakes from us. There are also so many cute children that eagarly wave and say hello to you as you bike through the villages. We also were lucky enough to come across a local wedding ceremony. The people were so generous to let us walk around the ceremony area.
- the actual biking is not challenging at all as it is mostly downhill, but at a mild decline (not too steep)
- we got to eat lunch at Bob's house where his wife prepares a fabulous spread of several different dishes. The food was simply amazing. She prepared enough food for at least fifteen people even though there were only four of us!! This personal touch was much appreciated. We met Bob's wife, son and father while we were there.

A few things we had wished we had known: make sure you use the restroom at the coffee plantation and go easy on the coffee - there are no restroom stops for the entire bike ride! Also, perhaps bring a cap or bandana to use under the helmet. Lastly, my boyfriend and I decided to have breakfast prior to the trek even though breakfast was included. This turned out to be a good idea because lunch isnt until 2pm or so, and we were starved after biking for 2-2.5 hours.

We truly cannot thank Dewa Bob enough for this experience that we will treasure as the highlight of our time in Bali!