In Bali for the first time. Based on TA reviews, decided to take a day trip with Bali on Bike, BOB. (TA has never steered me wrong!)
We, my wife and I, in Bali on honeymoon, were punctually picked up at our hotel by Sandi, and a driver. Sandi is BOB’s brother, and a guide. (The scheduled group was larger than they prefer, so Sandi had my wife and I, and BOB a New Zealand group of 4.) Sandi was welcoming, energetic, and simply likeable from the moment we met him. Sandi is really passionate about his country, culture and religion. We were taken to a coffee plantation, for plantation education, by Sandi himself, and breakfast, provided by BOB. Sandi showed us native plants, I had never seen a vanilla plant, cinnamon tree, or a luwak, a coffee bean eating sivit!
After breakfast we were taken to the volcano, given the opportunity to stop and take pictures, all before our bicycling started.
We met up with other staff of Bali on Bike, fitted with bikes and helmets, and away we went! Sandi made the trip what it was. He would have us stop, and explain Bali culture. It was educational and informative. We were told how priests are chosen, how the family compound works, how rice fields are farmed, and learned of various Balinese ceremonies.
During the ride, a chase car was with us, in case someone got hurt, tired, or simply lazy. At large intersections the car would beat us there and stop traffic, to be sure the bikers were safe while crossing, or turning.
Ultimately, we ended at Sandi and BOB’s family compound. There the best meal we have had in Bali was served. The food was fresh and authentic. We left full and happy. On our way out the door, to be taken back to our hotel, we asked what time we should be back for dinner!
We have paid more for a far inferior meal . . . but with Bali on Bike we had a great day adventure, saw the non-commercial side of Bali, gained insight in the culture, and had a great time.
Join BOB and Sandi, you will have a memorable day!

Visited September 2012

San Francisco CA