Wow!!! By far the best experience we have had in Bali. Run by locals, supporting locals, all about locals. My partner loves a bike ride and wanted to experience Bali on bike. We used TA to read reviews of different tours & were blown away by the comments found under Bali On Bike. We were also interested in Bobs wife's cooking so we signed up. Bali On Bike (BOB) is by far the most rewarding and amazing experience we have had in Bali. 
It was the best way to start the Ubud leg of our trip. Whilst you do about 3hrs of riding (mostly downhill) you have a couple hours before visiting and learning about parts of Bali on the way.
When you are riding you stop & start whenever you want (and the rest of the group do as well - you feel comfortable enough to do this). 
We had a great group and Bob is a fantastic guide. You learn and experience so much. You can visit a cockfight, rice fields, ride through villages and high five the local kids as you past through. There is hardly any traffic on the routes Bob takes you and along the way the local people Bob uses to assist him ensures your safety. For our group he had someone in front and behind the group riding as well as two support vehicles.
Bobs wife cooks an amazing feast at the end of the trip and it goes down well with the provided Bintangs. Then Bob sits with you and you can sit for ages talking to him and asking questions about Bali - the whole group was fascinated and involved.
Bob you never asked for TA reviews and I now understand why so many people do - well done. Your tour was one of the best we have EVER experienced in the world. Thank you