Why is this the best bike tour??

- Small groups - There were two groups on our day, 2 families travelling together totaling 7 people and us with just me and my girlfriend. They still split us in to 2 groups, meaning you can go at your own pace a lot easier. While on the ride, you pass groups of 30+ being herded around. BOB wouldn't let that happen.

- A different tour - All the other tours go to the same locations. BOB has a new tour that visits a temple on the way and a few different places to the other tours, this means, again, you avoid the masses.

- Best staff out there - You won't find a better host than the tour operator, Bob, or his sidekick Moon.

- Lunch at Bob's house - Many other tour operators put you up in someone else's house for breakfast or lunch. Bob has you over at his own house. It is far more authentic and was a phenomenal lunch. His wife also made the best banana pancakes for breakfast!

Get on this tour, you won't regret it!

Visited November 2012

Perf, Australia