Our two families (10 people) enjoyed a tour with "Bob" (acronym for Bali on Bike) and his staff. This is actually more than just a bike ride as Bob takes you to view Mt Batur and learn about coffee, other spices and plants and the luwak coffee (the rare and expensive wild cat poo coffee) at his extended family's plantation before the ride. The coffee and tea tasting was very interesting and we bought some of it to take back home - so bring some extra cash (or credit) if you want to buy some of what you taste. Once the actual ride started there were 3 staff riding with us and 1 driver of a "support vehicle" which follows you the whole ride. My 9 year old went on the tandem with Bob for the first part of the ride as Bob suggested this would be better as the track was more bumpy - which it was. She is a good rider but was glad that she took this option. The second half of the ride is partly on a dedicated and bitumen bike path and then through a town's roads. We always felt safe as Bob or one of his staff were riding in front, in the middle and behind us. Bob was very friendly and kind the whole time and answered any questions about Bali and its culture during the bus ride to the start of our ride and after lunch. The only thing we had to suggest to Bob was to go a bit faster as the ride was too slow during some of the first part of the ride with the 10 of us in single file - almost riding on top of each other. The food that Bob's wife cooked at the end of our ride was fantastic! Authentic Balinese food cooked in their own family compound. There was tonnes of it and all freshly cooked. The whole experience is great value for money. (Bob even gave us a discount as there were 10 of us!). This is a lovely way of seeing Bali from a different perspective, (as we also stopped at an elementary school during the ridel) and getting some fresh air and exercise instead of just seeing the inside of shops and restaurants!


Perth, Australia