It's pretty much been said all before on trip adviser...
- yes you see the real Bali - rice paddi fields, villages, friendly locals, smiling children and thats all part of the charm and appeal of the tour
- yes the regional and cultural commentary is both interesting and informative
- yes it's not just cycling, you get to see views of Mt Batur (assuming no low lying cloud!) and also get to a coffee plantation
- yes it is easy cycling (not quite tour de France) remembering you are on holidays after all!
- yes Moon is a fantastic guide, and bob's hospitality is excellent
- yes Bob's wife is an amazing cook!

It's the little touches that really made such a huge difference...
You are followed throughout most of the trip by the coach that picked you up (your very own "support vehicle"!) - it started raining - and who should appear but your support crew with a waterproof jacket!!
This is also great peace of mind, for any eventualities.

Whilst most of it is on very small, remote, pothole filled roads (it's not western motorway standards - but what do you expect!!), there are a few main roads you either cross or briefly ride on.
On approaching one such busy road, much to our surprise we see, our 'support crew' who had driven ahead stood in the middle of the road stopping traffic to let us cross - now that's service!!!!

I've been to Bali a number of times, and this is by far the best activity that I have done (with the exception of lying poolside sipping cocktails!)

I cannot say that this is the best ever cycling trip, as this is the only one that I've been on - however what I would say is I would definitely do it again and be delighted to go freewheeling with Moon or Bob and see the fantastic sights of Ubud, talk with the locals, take great photos, learn about the area and end with a great lunch!!!


Sydney, Australia