If you are going to Bali and you are not such a mellow person not to pedal a bicycle do not lose the chance to reserve a cycling tour around Ubud.
I had this great experience and it was really fantastic. We were picked up at the Hotel in Nusa dua at 8 AM and were at the starting point north of Ubud around 10. Before the start we visited a garden in which the farmers grew various kinds of plants from cacao and cinnamon to tobaccos and fruits. A very delicious kind of coffee was produced here named Luwak coffee along with other kinds like vanilla coffee and lemon tea.
The main part of this interesting trip started in beautiful roads southern Kintamani and northern Ubud passing rice terraces and romantic scenes in a great weather. On the way down to Ubud we visited a temple and then continued the way in villages and rice fields. In the villages I could talk to some children with the help of my guide coming from school and see the villagers working to produce rice and coffee. In most parts of the trip the road was going down making the way easier for those who are not so strong to ride a bike for about 3 hours.

Visited January 2013