Everything was great from the moment I wrote an email to Bob to book the cycling tour with him. His team replied almost instantly and I was very impressed!

Our ride throughout Ubud with Bob and Moon today was faultless... They were very attentive to us, always eager to answer our queries, sincere and earnest. Their drivers for the safety vehicles also stopped at various traffic junctions to direct traffic away for us! How cool is that?

They also made sure we got to check out the sights and scenery along the way. We visited the villagers and saw how they did wood-craving, harvesting, etc. My hubby and I even got to take part in the harvesting of the rice grains in the paddy fields. The only dismay is that we got scratched by the thorny plants as we walked out of the fields. Do be extra careful or wear longer pants if u plan to explore the paddy fields like us.

Lunch at Bob's house was wonderful! His wife is really a great cook and the food was delish! All in all, a delightful excursion!


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