We decided to do a day trip during our short break in Bali and we are so glad we did.
We were picked up at 7am in Seminyak for our hour long drive to Ubud.
After picking up Bob, the owner of this family run business and also our guide, we continued on to our first stop which was a coffee plantation.
Bob pointed out many different types of plants to us as we walked through the grounds.
We were shown the different phases of coffee production before sitting down to a coffee and tea tasting and a light breakfast.
This was also an opportunity to try the famous Luwak coffee.
The next stop was at a lookout to enjoy the view over Lake Batur and volcano.
Then it was time for our ride to begin.
We selected and adjusted our bikes before heading off.
We had a support vehicle following us so if we had any problems with our bikes, back up bikes were readily available.
The downhill ride took us through country villages and down small country lanes.
Bob was very friendly and informative.
He adjusts the tour to your interests.
To get the most out of the day, I think it really helped to let Bob know what interests you.
I was curious about how the locals lived so Bob stopped outside one compound and we went inside and met the family who lived there and saw them going by their day to day activities,
We also stopped by a small plot of land and watched the farmer and his cows ploughing the fields.
The terraced rice fields were very picturesque and we saw the various stages of growth from the rice being planted to when the rice was ready for harvesting.
The support team were fantastic and the few times we had to cross busier roads, they were there stopping traffic so we coukd cross safely. Amazing!
The day was topped off by a visit to Bob's place where we unwinded with a delicious local meal prepared by his wife and cold bintang.
It was a terrific day out with a nice change of pace and scenery.
Thanks Bob


Sydney, Australia