A little background before I get into this review. I contacted Bali on Bike via email prior to arriving in Bali and the Owner, Bob was very helpful and responded to my emails quickly and efficiently. I'm a big planner and don't use travel agents so this made me feel good about the trip; plus all the previous positive reviews. I'm staying at The Conrad in Nusa Dua which is paradise so leaving the property and into the heavy traffic is not enjoyable. Upon arriving in Bali I contacted Bob and confirmed my bike tour and the driver was waiting for me at 7am as promised. We drove apx 1.5 hours to Ubud to meet the guide, Moon, and p/u the bikes. We then drove @ 30 minutes to the top of Kintamani. It was very cloudy and overcast so we couldn't see much due to the weather. Oh, prior to that we stopped at a Coffee Plantation place. Walking around the property is pretty cool as they have all the vegetation marked; coffee, black pepper trees etc. They also have exhibits set up and a lady roasted coffee beans over an open fire. They then gave you a large tray of apx 10 different teas & coffees to try. Then they walked you to a gift shop to look around.
Now the bike tour.....the bikes were fine, but the 1st half of the trip was a bit ruff. The roads & trails are horrible & very bumpy; so much so that my bike chain kept popping off. We stopped at a working farm and toured their property. This is where I had to say to myself; "your in rural Indonesia and not in America or Europe etc". I got to see their cows, pig & chickens and met the family. Everyone seemed ok, but the people were dirty/ruff and they buildings were in disrepair.
My guide Moon spoke decent English and our driver Yoga followed us in the van. They were both great and did anything you asked; provided water, bananas, took pictures and even Yoga would meet us a major intersections to make sure we crossed safely. The highlight of the trip was near the end when we rode thru rice paddies and fields. Moon use to work the fields as a child/young adult and explained how they grow rice. We ended the trip at Owner Bob's house in Ubud. I met his family and his wife made us a lovely lunch. They had beer and water included.
Then Yoga drove me back to paradise! If you want to see the real/local Bali give them a try!

Visited March 2013

Richmond, Virginia