I can't say enough great things about this trip.

I was staying one hour away from where the tour takes place, and they arranged to have a car pick me up from my hotel for no extra charge. The driver was absolutely punctual - calling me five minutes before the scheduled pick up time. He was extremely kind as well and spent the entire car ride answering my questions about Bali.

I arrived at their place in Ubud to meet up with the rest of our group - we were a total of six people. The tour starts off with a trip to a coffee plantation to see how the it’s made. Even though I don't drink coffee or tea, the samples were so tasty I felt it would be an absolute sin to leave empty handed. I ended up buying seven different items! We left from there to get an incredible view of a volcano which kept the picture takers amongst us busy.

We then headed to the drop off zone to start our cycle ride. The roads and views continually changed, from bumpy downhill roads passing alongside farmers working in rice fields, to smooth stretches that cut through villages. One of the major highlights for me was giving high fives to the young students in the villages we went through who would scream “hi” and beam huge smiles as we zoomed past. The entire time we have vehicles from that company accompanying us to move ahead and direct traffic for us as was needed.

After working up a good appetite, we headed over to Bob’s village where we got to meet the owner of the operation – Bob. We eat lunch at his house – cooked up by his wife who used to be a chef at a luxury hotel - and Bob offers water, and Bintang for those want to celebrate the journey. We spent a good hour and a half chatting amongst ourselves, and Bob and Moon gave us the real inside scoop of what makes Bali tick. I learned more in that chat with them than reading the dozens of websites I had before my trip down.

Bob, Moon, and all their staff are unbelievably friendly, genuinely kind people. The trip is a really memorable way to see Bali. I shall be recommending this to anyone who asks me what to do in Bali.


Visited March 2013