What a fantastic day with so much to take in. Bob was a very nice man, who clearly puts a lot of thought into making the trip a most memorable experience. I hadn't been on a bike for many years and was a little nervous, but I needn't have worried as I felt really supported by Bob & his lovely crew. It was the most wonderful feeling riding through quiet Balinese villages and seeing life away from all the touristy areas. How beautiful the countryside is! Bob was only too happy to answer all of my questions about Balinese life and was a very good communicator. Lunch at Bob's Balinese family home was great - the food was superb and we were all made to feel very welcome. This was one of the best day trip's I have done in all of my travels - I will do it again the next time I visit Bali. I highly recommend fitting a day with Bali on Bike into your trip to Bali - your life will be richer for for having this experience.
Alex Munn

Visited March 2013

Launceston, Tasmania, Australia