Have just returned from a 10-day belated honeymoon in Bali with my wife. We both wanted to see some of the real Bali, and as keen cyclists decided that a bike tour would be an excellent way to do so. We were picked up from our hotel in Sanur bright and early by a friendly, chatty driver to take us to the start of the tour, via a coffee plantation for a light breakfast and opportunity to sample local coffees and teas. On the day we did the tour, it was just my wife and myself, and our guide was informative, friendly and entertaining. After visiting the plantation, we went on to see Mount Batur, an active volcano, before starting the bike part of the tour. Our guide happily offered to take photos of us together so we would have more than just the memories to take away with us.

Once it was time to start the bike tour, we were properly briefed on the bikes, and warned that the brakes may be different to what we're used to back home (as often the levers are on the opposite sides), and told to check we were happy with the fit of the bikes before we started. Mineral water was provided throughout the tour, along with bananas and other local fruit to keep us sustained. Cycling through the rural Balinese communities, with our guide telling us all about community life was incredibly interesting and enlightening. Plenty of opportunities were given to ask any further questions that we wished. Stunning scenery to ride through, with a pleasant breeze from the downhill sections to keep you cool, topped off by loads of friendly locals smiling and greeting us as we passed, especially the children.

We loved seeing the rice fields, especially my wife who had the opportunity to have a go at harvesting the rice.

Throughout the tour, we had both the minibus and the pickup truck for the bikes following us, leaving us with the option to leave any belongings safely locked away, and also meaning if we needed a break at any time we were welcome to get in the bus for a breather, although this wasn't needed. This wonderful day was rounded off by a lovely couple of hours spent at Bob's home, with a lovely spread of proper Balinese food laid on for us, which was more than we could manage to eat, despite our best efforts, and plenty of chilled Bintang. I certainly believe that we started the day as customers, and left as friends, with another bottle of chilled Bintang forced into our hands for the trip back to Sanur.

If you are in the area, this is something you must do, and I can not recommend Bali On Bike enough.

Visited April 2013

Durham, United Kingdom