My husband, my 2 sons (4+8) fell in love with everything about this tour. From the charming family who run it and all their helpers to the countryside of Bali. I cant tell you how many times we laughed and joked on this trip. The Dewa family and their employees are truly hospitable and kind and we were so happy to have met them.
They picked us up from our hotel in Ubud and drove us up the the drop off point (stopping to see a few beautiful sights on the way including coffee plantation). When we got to out destination, we all geared up on our bikes and started our trip. My 4yr old sat in the baby seat behind my husband but my 8 yr old decided to bike it. We had a safety vehicle follow us the whole way and when my son started falling asleep on the back of the bike we stopped and he was placed in the back of the truck. The ride took us about 3 hrs all downhill mainly through the country side and we passed homes of villagers and kids would wave to us as we passed by. It was a great time to reflect on how simple life can be yet so very enriching. The ride ended with a delicious lunch at the home of Mr Dewa made by his beautiful wife. They were gracious hosts in opening their home up to us.
If you want to know what it's like in a typical day in the life of a Bali local, I would recommend this amazing tour. Leave behind urban lifestyle and be prepared to experience beautiful, simple, kind and funny Bali.

Visited September 2012

Perth, Australia