At first I was a bit concerned about all the biking as I'm not athletic at all, but it really is downhill for the most part and very little peddling is involved. In 35 km, there were 11 instances where we went uphill and every one of those lasted less than 20 seconds and only once did I need to get off my bike to walk up the hill since I wasn't strong enough to peddle up. The bikes are new and adjustable helmets are provided and a larger bike seat was switched out for me which was really appreciated. The tour starts off with a hotel pickup by a very nice young man named Moon, then we were taken to see a beautiful set of rice terraces. After the terraces, we went to the coffee plantation where we were showed the different fruits, herbs, etc grown there and were given a small sweet dessert for breakfast and a tasting of different coffees and teas. For $5 you could buy a coffee cup of cat poop coffee. After the sampling we were directed to the gift shop where credit card is accepted. After the plantation we passed by the road side and from a terrace, we looked out over a volcano and lake. Then were driven to where the bikes were waiting and began our downward journey. During the whole trip, we had a van follow us as an "ambulance" in case there was a problem or if you got too tired or too hot. During the trip we stopped to see a small farm house to learn how locals lived, we also stopped half way and were provided with bananas. We finished the ride at the owners compound (housing complex) where his wife had made a delicious meal. This cost seemed a bit high to me at ~350,000 (no credit card payment available) but I really appreciated that any and all payments (to the farmer or rice terrace owner, etc) were made discretely and away from us so that I wasn't made uncomfortable or felt that I had to tip everyone we came across and visited. Oh, plenty of water is also included.

Visited March 2013

Seattle, Washington