What an amazing day. We got to see local Bali in a most enjoyable way. The ride is pretty much all down hill so it suits all abilities. Bob said they take groups with children on a route with reduced traffic, which is vertually non existant anyway. The support vehicle drives ahead of the group and stops traffic at intersections to let us go though safely and uninterrupted.

The short stop to see how the local ladies cut and then shake out the rice from the stalks was very interesting. On the way to the starting point, we stopped at a local coffee harvesting garden for a coffee and tea tasting. This was unexpected and an absolute delight - all part of the tour.

The final surprise was lunch at Bobs place at the end of the ride. If you want to experience beautiful tasting local food, served to European liking, you can't miss this. It was great to see how locals live and to enjoy their hospitality. We were treated like royalty and felt very welcome.

The bikes are almost new and well maintained. This experience was amazing and I will be recommending everyone I know going to Bali to do it. It's awesome value too!

Visited June 2013

Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand