My family (husband and two children age 6 and 9) had such a great day with the BALI ON BIKE tour team.
A big thankyou to Bob (owner of Bali on Bike) and his wife for their wonderful hospitality at their home which you will arrive at when you have completed your ride through some of the most beautiful country and scenery imaginable.
Thankyou also to Moon (our tour guide). His English is excellent and he is happy to talk about his Balinese culture. We learnt so much about about local traditions and general family life. He has a great personality and really should be in show business as he always has a smile and is very entertaining! Our children loved him!
Lastly, thankyou to the drivers, who were so professional and kind and were our personal support team, handing out plenty of water and snacks during our ride.
There are two support vehicles that will follow you throughout the day. One is for carrying spare bikes and equipment and the other is a fully air conditioned 7 seater SUV incase you decide to have a rest. Our kids sat in the SUV for some of the time so that we could go a little faster! We felt that they were perfectly safe with the driver while we were cycling ahead.
If you have young children, they can provide you with a child seat attached to your bike. They are also have tandem bikes that Moon can steer for inexperienced or anxious riders.
Bali on Bike are a smaller family operated business who offer a more personalized experienced. We have heard that the larger tour operators take too many people on bikes which resulted in people at the back of the line getting lost. This could never happen with Bali on Bikes as the support vehicles are always behind the last rider. There were 5 people in our group.
The support vehicle drove on ahead to stop traffic for us at two intersections because safety is their main concern. The country roads were quiet, only the occasional scooter going past (you will be on these roads most of the time). The main road is not busy by Australian standards. Drivers beep their horns to warn you of their presence. They are doing this for your safety. They are not aggressive.
If it rains on the day of your ride, you will be provided with rain coats and you will have to be more careful on the roads. There will be some pot holes and slopes, but why give bad feedback (as others have) when you fall off your bike? This is a risk no matter who your tour operator is. Moon does his best to tell you when to slow down. If you are worried, get off your bike a walk with it until you feel safe.
The bikes are all maintained well. Once you learn how to use the gears and brakes effectively then you can relax and enjoy the beautiful, peaceful Balinese life that surrounds you. Kids will run out of their homes with a smile to say 'hello' and 'high five' you. The locals are so friendly and genuine in Ubud.
During the day, you will visit a coffee plantation and have tastings and opportunity to buy unique goods. You will also drive to the Mount Batur volcano and lake look-out for great photos.
Then comes your 35km bike ride (approx. 3 hours) depending on photo stops and other great opportunities to see local industries.
Finally comes the warm Balinese hospitality at Bob's home. His wife (who worked at a high end restaurant) prepares an amazing, tasty lunch buffet that will blow your mind! The food quality is much better than some of the 5 star hotels I have eaten at. Everything is freshly prepared and cooked to perfection. My kids are fussy eaters and they went back for third helpings!! Cold water, soft drinks and Bintang are offered too. What other tour company can offer this?
I can hightly recommend Bali on Bike to anyone who values a smaller more personalized service. They make you feel like part of their family, bringing you into their home and chatting over lunch!
This is what makes them unique. So support this local business as they are the only ones that offer the real Bali experience.
Hope to see you again soon from Nic and family :)

Visited July 2013