As a 16 year old who isn't terribly fit, Bob's Bali on bike tour was just perfect.
They arrived at the arranged destination on time, and first took us to a coffee and tea tasting area. We were provided wonderful service with the tea tasting and were also provided with morning tea.
As we got to the volcano, we began our bike tour. The bikes were sturdy and comfortable, and a tandem bike was also provided for a woman who did not ride bikes. The lovely tour give Moon rode with her the whole time.

The sights were amazing, something that ill keep forever, and an experience which allows you to see the true Bali. The generosity shared amongst all Balinese on which we encountered during the tour was outstanding. We were able to use a family compounds toilet, and we were always being offered food from the crew.

I felt safe the entire time whilst on Bali on bike, and would recommend the experience to anyone- of any age. Not to mention the amazing food you receive upon arriving at Dewa Bob's home!

Visited September 2013