Came to Bali with youngest son and family, including five teen-age boys and a daughter. They set the pace! Bob picked us up the the Ubud resort, right on time. A fascinating trip up to the volcanic lake in the extinct crater with a stop at a tiny botanical reserve and an astonishing range of coffee and a side serve of natural tobacco. The boys all made rollies. Lots of spluttering. Got to the rim of the crater lake and picked up our bikes. I didn't take time to set mine up right, which i later regretted. Good saddle height and weight balance are important for a long downhill run. I am 81, with two artificial hips, but there was no condescension, just affectionate respect. I had a great run through villages and along back roads and got a good look at rural Bali. Bob was an excellent guide and a generous host. It was the best day in a memorable trip. Visited July 2014

Hobart, Australia

Source: TripAdvisor