I dont think I could add anything that hasn't been explained in detail to the stunning 500+ EXCELLENT reviews. Such a fun day. Unfortunately something came up and the crew that was supposed to be part of tour had to cancel so it was just me! Me and the Boss. WOW. Such amazing weather, such a fun ride. We cruised through back roads, local villages and rice fields. Balinese children, men and women greeting us with big smiles and big hellos. People know this guy. They yell "Boss!" when we ride by. They know this guy and the amazing things he does for his community and those of us who want to see Bali up close and personal. We stopped whenever and wherever for pictures. We stopped in numerous rice fields while people were working. He greeted and talked to them, asking if I can watch as they harvest the rice, or weave. You wanna know how awesome this tour is, and how fortunate I was? We were coming around the corner of an everlasting green rice field, when he asked if I want to see how they harvest the rice. Well of course! We stop, walk into the field. He converses with the woman harvesting the rice, showing me the entire process, when I hear Bob say, "He's climbing the tree for the leaves." I look up and there is an older gentleman climbing a coconut trees. Coconut tree? No limbs? No branches? AH-mazing. Got excellent video of the old school way locals get the leaves and coconuts from these gloriously tall trees. He had no problem, and actually encourages waiting to watch the gentleman in the coconut tree climb up and down the tree, collect leaves and coconuts, and the elderly woman harvest the rice. How cool is this guy!? Midway through the trip we stopped for pics and a little break. He knew I didnt eat breakfast. His colleague, who drove during the entire trip, was already there at the spot where we stopped, with bananas and other fruit for me to eat! Every time we got to a larger intersection, his colleague was already at the intersection before we even got there, in the middle of the intersection, directing traffic so that we could cross streets safely! We ended up at his beautiful home at the end of the trip, where his wife had a beautiful spread of relish traditional balinese food available. Tempeh, chicken satay, rice, omelets, fried noodles (forgot proper name)..say what? Top it off sweet sweet sweet black rice pudding. Traditional balinese dessert. Talked greatly about traditions, his home and family. Picked me up at my guesthouse, on time, bright smile, great laugh, great English, wonderful personality. This tour was so enjoyable. I usually do not like to do tours because I always feel like a sheep being herded by a hard to hear and understand shepherd, but Bob trumped all of that. Take the tour. Almost 600 Excellent reviews can be ignored! Visited September 2014

Charleston, South Carolina, United States