We were only in Ubud for 3 days and wanted to see so many things. We were a little nervous that this trip would take up a good part of the one full day that we were there and would miss many things, however, it turned out to be one of the best parts of our trip to Ubud!
Bob and his driver picked us up right at the time that he said (and our hotel wasn't easy to find!) and then picked up 1 other couple that was with us for the remainder of the trip. We then proceeded to the coffee plantation and got to try many excellent coffee and teas (for free!). Bob had also provided us with some food for breakfast. Walking up to the plantation Bob was very informative about all of the different plants, fruits, etc. that we were walking past.
From there we proceeded further inland to an overlook of a lake and some mountains. Bob even provided us with some excellent fruit from the market there, some of which we would not have normally tried, but it was all excellent.

Most of the bike ride was downhill, but there were times were we had to peddle pretty hard or even get off to walk up the hill (and we're young and in shape!), however, Bob said that he selects different difficulty routes depending on the ability of the riders with him each day. We actually enjoyed the challenge of the uphill and rougher terrain at times. Riding through the different small villages was certainly a unique way to see Bali. Instead of driving through in a car we were able to slowly bike through or even stop whenever we wanted to just look around, take pictures or give high fives to the local children.
We went through multiple rice fields that were all in different stages of their harvest from the initial seedlings, to bright green growth, harvesting and burning! Bob was very knowledgeable about the whole process. We were even able to harvest some of the rice with the nice ladies.
With all that, the highlight of the trip was lunch at Bob's house! Just to see the inside of his family compound and to understand why the houses face the way they do and the different traditions that they have was so interesting. We learned so much from Bob about the Bali culture and are grateful to him for that. And to top it all off his wife cooked us a traditional Balinese meal which was the best food that we had the entire time that we were in Bali. Bob really does go above and beyond to make this trip a very memorable one for all of his guests. We would recommend this to anyone that visits Bali. It would be well worth the trip from the Kuta, Semenyak, etc.
Thanks again for the great experience Bob!!


Lisa H
South Carolina

Source: TripAdvisor