We went on a mountain bike ride whilst in Bali recently. I was not too keen at the idea as I am not a cyclist, fit and don't cope with heat very well. We were collected from our villa and taken to a coffee plantation which was amazing. Got to taste many different teas and coffee, including the famous Luwak coffee. This plantation was put together by 7 families and was a pleasure to visit. We could also buy their products there and had no trouble bringing them back into Aus. Then we were taken to a restaurant overlooking Lake Batur and volcano. Breakfast was made up of fresh fruit and fried bananas. yummy. The temperature was a lot cooler as we were at a higher altitude. We started our bike ride after being fitted out with right size bike and helmet. It was nearly ALL downhill and I did not have to even pedal for the first few kms. We rode through villages, learning the history and customs from our great guide. There were only 6 in our group which was great. We rode through rice paddies, watching the locals process the product as we passed. We stopped and were able to take pics whenever we wanted. All up we rode 36.8 kms and only encountered two hills that challenged. The company air conditioned van was following us and we could take a break from riding if we needed (no one did, even me!) We finished up at a restaurant and were greeted with cold towels and a lovely lunch situated on the edge of a rice field. The entire day was amazing and I would strongly recommend this outing to everyone. It is not hard and even someone like me that does not do well with exercise will enjoy. It was probably the best $50 I spent in Bali. We left at 7.30 am and were returned to our villa around 4.30. The only regret is that I cannot remember the name of the company we rode with but I am sure that they all provide a similar experience. We did pass/see some other tours doing just like us. Great day
Visited May 2015



Source: TripAdvisor