June 9 Tuesday was my last day in Bali and I'm so grateful to spend half of it cycling around Ubud countryside together with Bob. I saw so much, much more of the real Bali life than when i was traveling for the past 2 weeks. We stopped on a coffee plantation, where besides tasting, Bob showed me and explained a lot about the planting and the implementation in the everyday life. For example, cocoa pod used to be the kids favorite sweets before all the snickers and other chocolate bars came to Bali. The cycling itself was very nice, absolutely not tiring and mostly down the hill. The pace Bob choose was good enough for me to see around and we stopped anytime i see something interesting or he wanted to show me smth: like mount Agung surrounded by the clouds or we stopped to try the durian from the old lady's garden. We saw rice terraces, small village life, bought dozen of duckling and eventually ended up having INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS lunch at his house. Lucky man, his wife cooks stunningly good! The chicken satay and the dish from tofu as well as omelette and veggies- oh! i want it again. So guys, I highly recommend Bali on Bike as smth u have to do if you are on Bali !!!

Thank you Bob for your funny stories and amazing Bali experience.


Alina K

Source: TripAdvisor