We had our tour on a Wednesday (July 1), and we booked it the day before. Me, my partner, and my brother were the only people in the tour which was nice, it made it very personal. It was one of my favorite - if not my favorite - part of our one week stay in Ubud.

Bob picked us up from our hotel on time, and the first stop was the coffee plantation. The place is absolutely beautiful with a really stunning view of nature. We were able to sample different kinds of coffee and tea, and my to my partner's surprise there was even fresh tobacco grown at the plantation which he could roll himself. He said it was the freshest cigarette he has ever tasted. The coffee and tea we sampled were all pretty good! There was also a breakfast of Coconut Balinese pancakes which we found very heavy as well, perfect for fuelling up before a day of biking.

The next stop was to see Mt. Batur, a sleeping volcano. We stopped here for a while to take photos and to take in the beautiful sight. After that, we rode the car for a bit and we got off to start biking.

The bike trail was very easy, 90% downhill so you don't have to pedal much. Some parts are bumpy but most parts are smooth. My brother who doesn't know how to bike was also able to enjoy the tour on a tandem bike with Bob. The bike trail was so much fun! We saw the rural areas of Ubud and we were greeted with a lot of smiles and hello's along the way, mostly from children. Also we could tell Bob whenever we wanted to stop to take a break or check something out and he'd gladly agree. The pick up was also following behind us in case anyone got tired and wanted to ride it instead.

We ended the tour with lunch cooked by Bob's wife at a traditional Balinese home. The food was A M A Z I N G. Best meal I had in Ubud, and my partner and brother agree! There was chicken satay, tempeh, omelette, corn fritters, gado gado and mie goreng and all dishes were buffet style. So flavorful and yummy :) after Bob gave us a tour around the compound and told us more about how the Balinese people live.

Bob was a GREAT tour guide. He fed us a lot of useful information about the Balinese culture throughout the whole trip. Many people say that Ubud is becoming more and more commercial, which is true, but I'm glad that the locals still have their beautiful culture in tact. He shared with us their philosophy which basically says that "I am you and you are me." He told us about how they strongly believe in karma and in reincarnation. We pretty much learned a WHOLE LOT about their culture throughout the trip and we really appreciated it and saw Ubud for what it was. Can't think of a guide better than Bob. :)

Addie S

Source: TripAdvisor