So the day beofre we started the trip we gave Dewa Bob a call and made an appointment with him to the Bali on Bike tour for the following day. He said he'll pick us up at exactly 8am and lo and behold he was there at exactly 8am (talk about on the dot)! So that morning, we (me, my partner, and her brother) went with Bob and his driver first to Satria Agrowisita, one of the local coffee plantation with Luwak (Civet/Mongoose) coffee.

During the van ride there (and actually throught the tour), he educated us on the Balinense culture and philosophy and we learned tons from him! When we got to Satria, he introduced us and handed us over to our guide Ayu, and she toured us around the plantation before we had breakfast (Coconut shavings pancake, so damn yummy) and our coffee and tea tasting (which I MUST SAY are the best coffee and teas i have tasted in my life), a must try and buy!

After we headed for Mt Batur, he warned us of some of the people who might sell you sarongs or keychains for 10..dollars. Yup you heard it, they wont tell you the currency until you pay according to Bob, so it was really a good thing that he gave us a headsup! When we got there, we took pictures and basked in the glorious site of Mount and Lake Batur.. it was just so breathtaking, i mean yeah it was cold up there, but the cold was just a fraction of the feeling you get from taking in such beautiful site. From Mt. Batur, we headed to the bike trail where Bob's bikes and pick up were (the pick up follows from behind), from here we started our bike trail.

Nothing much can be said about the trail we had just because no words can describe the adrenaline, the excitement, the joy, the exhilaration, and awe we had for what can really be said as "THE REAL BALI", from stopovers to eat banana at a temple, to saying hi to the locals and high fiving the kids. Seeing the rural area, the backstreet, "the road less traveled" as people say, is truly the way to immerse yourself in the culture and bask in the Bali spirit! But the thing is, Bob just made it so much smoother and easier, despite the fact he was tandem biking with my partners brother, instead of resting, he still placed the time, effort, and energy to actually tell us stories during stop overs (and even while biking) about Bali and Ubud. He really has a lot of heart and loves what he's doing and loves sharing the culture of Bali and Ubud to those who join Bali on Bike.

At the end of our bike trail, we eneded up in Banjar Laplapan, one of the towns in Ubud. One of the villages in Banjar Laplapan is Bobs, we originally were suppose to eat a traditional Balinese buffet at Bobs home, but due to some complications, we instead ate at the drivers home, which was actually the same thing! The same thing because it was still a traditional Balinese home and Bobs wife was still the one cooking the buffet. we had rice, gado gado (my favorite), chicken satay, corn fritters (our favorite), balinese omelette, and mie goreng (another favorite). It was really awesome that we were only 3 because we had to finish everything, and it was a lot! It was also really good because then we were able to bond with Bob and really develop a friendship with him. After the really yummy lunch, before Bobs driver brings us back to Indigo Tree (our hotel), we were given a little history on the Balinse home and why it is made the way it is, and honestly, I can tell you right here, right now, why, but then that defeats the purpose. So I suggest, give Bob a call when you get to Ubud, make an appointment, meet him, get some coffee, go up Mt. Batur, bike down the rice fields, eat some traditional balinese food in a balinese home, and soak up THE REAL BALI SPIRIT courtesy of Dewa Bob and Balik on Bike ;)

Namaste and enjoy your trip!

PS. Bob if you're reading this, we miss you, we love you, and we cant wait to come back to Ubud and take your bike tour again just because youre really one of a kind!
Visited July 2015

Metro Manila, Philippines

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