Bob was really nice and funny, he explained a lot of the Balinese culture and traditions to us and he made sure we were comfortable during our trip. He even bought us some nice fruits. The bike tour was a bit long for me, but it is not that hard to finish because it's mainly downhill. Where the ground was really hilly and broken, I got in the car to pass that area.
Bali countryside is simple and genuine, the people are friendly and you can see the families doing their daily activities.
We went to a rice field where people were harvesting rice, and we were welcomed to harvest some rice by ourselves :).
In the morning we had some lovely coconut crepes as breakfast, in the coffee plantation, and at the end of the tour we had lunch at Bob's house, where the food was cooked by his wife. Everything was delicious, one of the best meals we had in Bali.
Our driver was really nice too, we ended up booking him to get back to the airport.
We really enjoyed that day and we were really happy that we chose Bali on bike for our tour.
Visited June 2015

Andreea N
Bucharest, Romania

Source: TripAdvisor