Love the fact that the only exercise was really alternating between the left and right hand brakes. Was waiting for the hills mentioned in previous posts with trepidation but only came across one. By the time you freewheeled you were up half of it, dismounted as glamorously as you could and walked for a few steps the rest of the way...that was it. My Action Man did not let the hill beat him and he peddled the rest of the way with true grit and determination. The temperatures up here are a few degrees cooler and with the the breeze always there was a really pleasant day passing through little villages and rice paddies, always a smile and a wave. The tour started looking out over the sleeping volcanoes, such a contrast to the hot beaches and towns and finished having a home cooked buffet lunch prepared by Dewa's wife, Eka. Dewa, or Bob,is incredibly accommodating and informative on the trip down...try and get up close if you want to hear everything or hang at the back if you just want to take in the beautiful scenery.
Visited August 2015

Leanne R
Auckland Region, New Zealand

Source: TripAdvisor