Lake And Mt BaturMe and My Husband were given a lot of cycling company. Before deciding to use Bob and I'm glad we did it And what makes Bob different from all others is that you can. Add a personal touch to what they do Each rider had no chance to talk to him the Guide.

We booked three days before our trip was immediately answered by Bob.

We rode the bike with a nice pair and guidance from the moon (not sure if spelled correctly). Moon is a beautiful, talkative fellow. has extensive knowledge of the customs and traditions of Bali. He is always a smile on his face and was ready with his jokes.

At first we were afraid our day would have been ruined because it was raining that morning it. Thank God for coffee plantation visit, we had bought some super cheap coffee tasted and heard Organic Luwak coffee, rain.

Bali On Bike With BobWe were cycling downhill 95%. It was a fun ride to the next village and bumpy is achieved with went smoothly paved roads, where the journey is much faster and windy covered.

Some places where we went: traditional Bali house, where we were dealing with a villager family, primary school where we had to do with the school children, we learned about their lifestyles, Sukarno (Indonesia President) Palace, etc.

We came through the streets there are many, many village children are ready, their smiles and high fives. What a friendly country!

Bali SceneryTo top it all until the end of the trip we got to enjoy breakfast from Bob's wife. Super Food! The satay is wonderful (I have 10 of them!). I can only pay for the food! Moreover, one can beer or soft drink of your choice. And we learn about the culture of Bali most of Moon in 26 years within one Tag.Es is no better than that

Bob HouseThank you, Bob Moon and an unforgettable experience. We would come back.

Bali On Bike Documentation 


Source: Bali Wonderland