breakfast at coffee plantationCoffee not only makes you alert and energetic but helps improve your attention span, so you perform better on a long task. It also helps you concentrate on cycling tour than or exams by supporting reasoning and memory skills.

Enjoying your breakfast while your coffee at our coffee plantation area, taste the morning before start the downhill cycling.


cycling downhillThe cycling is really fun, and mostly downhill apart from the occasional up hill. Riding through the villages and rice fields is a fantastic experience and a real highlight. The sights are wonderful and you would occasionally stop to take photos or take in some more information. There was a fruit stop and water was provided. Our guide will stop you at some rice paddies and you will have a short tutorial about rice growing. The rest of the ride is filled with some large hills and can be tough going. They will also stop you at a farm and showed us some prized fighting cocks and some very large cattle, it was interesting to see some real rural life.

lunch at balinese houseThe tour ends with a fantastic lunch at the home of Dewa Bob. The food are beautiful, cooked, prepared and served by Bob's wife. It was a wonderful day out, perfect to immerse yourself in the Balinese culture and cycling was a brilliant way to travel through the landscape.