Sangeh is the village whose northern part covers about 14 hectares of a holy homogen forest of "Pala" trees with hundred of monkey inhabitants. The trees cannot be found on any other part of Bali and their existence in this village remains a mystery.  Look for a lovely mossy temple, which is hidden amongst the tall and gracious Pala trees.

sangeh monkey forest baliThe Sangeh Monkey Forest is located about 30 minutes car drive above Denpasar and just to the east of Ubud. Monkeys have always had a sacred place in the Hindu religion, which is one of the reasons for the number of monkey forests on the island of Bali. Although they make great tourist attractions a monkeys are without doubt some of the most fascinating, incredible and most enjoyable animals to watch.

Sangeh Monkey Forest as with all monkey forests are always located in a holy area where here are many surrounding temples and shrines. Not only this is a cheap and fun day out for all of the family or any groups of travelers but your small admission fee contributes to the running and upkeep of the conservational areas where baby monkeys are bred and protected in their wild habitat with a generous spacing.

The temple of was built in the middle of the 17th century by local priests and it was not long before the rest followed. There are many statutes of figures including demons and spirits around the temple and the forest area to ward evil spirits away from the Sangeh Monkey Forest and the temple is large with excellent use of the Hindu colors orange, red and yellow in cloths and fabrics. The temple is usually closed off to the public but you can see its grandeur from the gates.

monkey forest sangehWhen walking around the monkey park it is possible to walk down to the streamside and where there are rapids and mini water flows and in this area where the ancient trees still tower above your heads with huge thick trunks and entangled in vines and other life. This mix of real rain forest, the monkeys presence and the Balinese cultural importance and presence of the temples and shines make the Sangeh Monkey Forest an unforgettable and totally Balinese experience.

The monkeys of the forest are believed to be sacred and indeed will approach anyone paying respects at the temple. But visitors should be aware that these monkeys are attracted to shiny objects, so cameras and jeweler should be left behind or kept well hidden under clothes or in a bag when exploring the forest. Don't forget to hold your bags tightly to avoid a monkey from stealing it! Also (as you may expect) any food or drinks are likely to be subject to possible theft from a monkey. Incidents are very rare and the monkeys will not attack, except (maybe) if you brought some bananas.

There are trained first aid personnel onsite and monkey experts for consultation on behaviors exhibited and further informational on the area. There are also many great places to eat close by to the forest including western and Indonesian food. There are also a number of places to stay of varying budgets from top end to budget.

Jimbaran is directly South of the airport, in the way of Denpasar tothe Nusa Dua. The village of Jimbaran is the narrow neck of the island of Bali, and has thus two diverse beaches remarkable. In the west, the beach of Jimbaran does in front of the bay of Jimbaran, aligned recently by the new luxurious resources. In the east, the beach does in front of the water of surface sheltered by Benoa Harbor.

jimbaran beach sideviewThe new tourist resources that appear now in Jimbaran have more option to have supper towards outside. Throughout the Jimbaran to the beach of Kedonganan there are many cafes worked by local people. He is something like the markets at night of where the visitors can choose an ample range seafood.

Almost all the cafe provide special menus of the seafood with local prescriptions or the combination with the western one. Fish are provide by a next village of the fishermen in Kedonganan. Some the salesmen still sell their fish there until a afternoon. When the horizon of the west gives red return yellowish, the extension of the coffees its colorful chairs in the sand that ignores the beach. The activity in the beach reduces slowly, whereas other activities begin in the coffees. And when the night arrives, it begins to be able to be romantic.

jimbaran beach sideview To watch at trasluz the lights and to live the musicians who heighten the atmosphere. Jukungs (Balinese small traditional boat) are many small and great that are ready to sail and it will become an artistic bottom for your supper. The shining stars in the sky, guard-like lights of the resources in the hill and the projector of the airport have the changing beach of Jimbaran something has taste of one night of the celebration. To prove the fish roasted in the sand from a front to the sea outdoors the cafe and enriches your experience that has supper with one not generally available one in 5 hotels of the star. You can choose the class and the size of the fish and other seafood you yourself.

Located north of Nusa Dua, this is a beautiful white sand beach area where visitors can enjoy many types of water recreation and sports such as snorkeling, parasailing, diving. Boating, sailing, glass bottom boat and more.  This area is an extension of Nusa Dua Resort, with easy access to its luxurious hotels and other tourism facilities.

Benoa is a major seaport, and the starting point for many cruises around Bali and to the Lesser Sunda Islands. It is also becoming a centre for leisure and sporting activities, catering for tourists who wish to try parasailing and windsurfing.

water sport tanjung benoa
Just outside the Nusa Dua complex, a turning north takes one into the narrow peninsula of land, which terminates in a small village of Benoa. From the concrete pierced you can see ever the Serangan Island, lying lee on the water. The patch of sea enclosed by this narrow stretch of land and the long break water of the island, it is from this fishing village, people can depart daily by Cruise, Mabua Express trip to Lombok, Sojurn, and Wakaloka Cruise trip to Lembongan and other Cruise. Out in the bay is an anchorage for ocean-going yachts and the Bali International Yachts Club has base here.

At this harbor is frequently held The International Yacht Festival which involves the participants in the world where the started from Benoa harbor and finish at Tanjung Perak Harbor in Jakarta.
The Benoa harbor has distance more less 6 km from Denpasar City, has been arranging as well as facilities and infrastructure. So that it possibility for international yacht or local yacht to hang down as well as to ascend and to descend the passengers that is why Benoa harbor to be the international tourism harbor besides. Padang Bay Harbor at Karangasem Regency.

It means "two islands in Bahasa Indonesia". There is one of the premier resort areas in the world. The area is located  20 minutes south of Denpasar International Airport Ngurah Rai, and is a short drive to many of Balis attractions and beautiful beaches. This is the home many of Balis worlds class luxury resort hotels.

nusa dua bali

The place name Nusa Dua can be used in two ways: either it can refer to the entire eastern side of the Bukit Peninsula at the southern tip of Bali, or it can refer to the purpose-built, safe and rather sterile tourist enclave (Kawasan Pariwisata, quite literally Tourism District) at the southeast side of this peninsula.

This article covers everything in the Nusa Dua enclave plus the Tanjung Benoa peninsula and a few points west of the enclave to the village of Sawangan. Everything on the Bukit Penisula to the west of Sawangan is covered by the Uluwatu article.

As well as a host of luxury hotels, Nusa Dua is home to the most popular golf course in Bali and the main convention centre on the island.

Nusa Dua understandably gets a lot of bad press amongst travelers as it is so artificial and sanitised. That does not change the fact though that the beaches here are glorious - white sand, deep, long and safe for swimming. The public beach at Geger is the best to head to if you are not staying at Nusa Dua. This is also home to one of the best museums in Bali. The fact that it is nearly always empty is testament that most visitors who stay here in the least Balinese part of the island are, not unsurprisingly, rather disinterested in learning much about Bali.

The Nusa Dua enclave has three manned gates and everyone entering is subject to a security search. This can have a slightly claustrophobic effect, and only contributes further to the impression that you are in an artificial location.

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