Pura Luhur Andakasa (on top of a hill), Antiga village, Manggis district, Karangsem regency. Not a lot of people known this place, because the place not as famous as Besakih Temple, but Pura Andakasa also one of Sad Kahyangan ( six main major temple in Bali) that take place in South Direction known as the Sthana of Dewa Brahma, that create live at the first time.

andakasa temple

From the Balinese myth Andakasa Hill was created when the God create Bali island, the god take some of part from Semeru Mountain in Java to make a new island, when the god pass the Andakasa area, the god drop some of the part of the mountain, which now become the Andakasa Hill. The rest of part become Mount Agung that is the biggest and highest Mount in Bali.