Gunung Kawi Temple Tampaksiring

gunung kawi tampaksiring bali

This is one of the most exotic temple in Bali. Located in Tampak Siring area, where the 1st Indonesian President Sukarno Palace is located. The most famous thing from this temple is the temple that look like crafted in the mountain, also a great Springfield in the same location. this place can be found during the journey from Denpasar into Mount Batur, it's about 1 until 1,5 hrs from Denpasar.

Gung Kawi Temple Sebatugunung kawi temple sebatu bali

This Gunung Kawi Temple located in Sebatu Village, Gianyar Regency, the temple itself crafted in a very small mountain side. From traditional myth, known that this temple related to Mayadenawa, also known as Astasura Ratna Bhumi Banten, the king who didn't believe to god and also not allowed his people to held any kind of religious activity

Gunung Kawi Kawi Temple Bitragunung kawi temple bitra bali

This Gunung Kawi Temple located in Village of Bitra Gianyar regency, The temple is crafted in a side of small mountain, shaped like and Eagle and until this time the meaning of this craft is unknown. This temple isn't as popular as Gunung kawi Temple in Tampaksiring.