Jimbaran is directly South of the airport, in the way of Denpasar tothe Nusa Dua. The village of Jimbaran is the narrow neck of the island of Bali, and has thus two diverse beaches remarkable. In the west, the beach of Jimbaran does in front of the bay of Jimbaran, aligned recently by the new luxurious resources. In the east, the beach does in front of the water of surface sheltered by Benoa Harbor.

jimbaran beach sideviewThe new tourist resources that appear now in Jimbaran have more option to have supper towards outside. Throughout the Jimbaran to the beach of Kedonganan there are many cafes worked by local people. He is something like the markets at night of where the visitors can choose an ample range seafood.

Almost all the cafe provide special menus of the seafood with local prescriptions or the combination with the western one. Fish are provide by a next village of the fishermen in Kedonganan. Some the salesmen still sell their fish there until a afternoon. When the horizon of the west gives red return yellowish, the extension of the coffees its colorful chairs in the sand that ignores the beach. The activity in the beach reduces slowly, whereas other activities begin in the coffees. And when the night arrives, it begins to be able to be romantic.

jimbaran beach sideview To watch at trasluz the lights and to live the musicians who heighten the atmosphere. Jukungs (Balinese small traditional boat) are many small and great that are ready to sail and it will become an artistic bottom for your supper. The shining stars in the sky, guard-like lights of the resources in the hill and the projector of the airport have the changing beach of Jimbaran something has taste of one night of the celebration. To prove the fish roasted in the sand from a front to the sea outdoors the cafe and enriches your experience that has supper with one not generally available one in 5 hotels of the star. You can choose the class and the size of the fish and other seafood you yourself.