Nungnung is the name of a small village, 40 kilometers north of Denpasar with a height of 900 meters above sea level. This tourism object is located in Badung District evening. It lies about - about five miles before the bridge Tukad Bangkung known as the tallest bridge in Asia with a specific height of the pillars reached 71.14 meters.

nungnung waterfallin this village there is a waterfall with a height of 50 meters with large water discharge. to reach the location of such waterfalls we must trace hilly rice fields about 2 miles from the highway. Nungnung waterfall is one tourist attraction that must be visited when we went to Bali especially for people who love trekking tour, because to get to the location of this waterfall down the stairs that we have quite a lot of numbers, so we can get down to the river valley and can see the waterfall from close range.

ladder - steps to the waterfall is already available and adequate security, even in the valley which is closer to the cave, with leaves and moss-green atmosphere. after the satisfaction of seeing the waterfall the tourists can enjoy special food or simply unwind on the couch - the small bale provided along the path.

NUNUNG Waterfall is a tourist area which has a fairly extensive parking facilities and access roads to the great waterfall, there's only a little derivative of the stairs - the stairs.

scenery along the way is very green and refreshing. Also very cold air. and no place to rest can we visited.
after walking about 20 minutes, we will arrive at the waterfall which has a fairly heavy discharge of water.
discharge of heavy water and surrounded with bertebangan steam - water vapor that makes the atmosphere became so cool, refreshing and calming.

when we are close to the waterfall we could see the long bridge that connects Bali to Kintamani route, ie Tukad Bangkung Bridge.
This waterfall start promoted as tourist attractions since 1996. since this year, facilities condition Nungnung waterfall has undergone many changes, such as the existence of a range of facilities - other additional facilities to support this tourism object. because it is situated in rural areas, add to the beauty that makes this waterfall interesting to visit. once you visit here will be memorable and make memories that we want to always come to this place again.