Rambutsiwi as object of the tourism represents the wide atmosphere, and supposed temple of Rambutsiwi. Surrounded by the field of the rice of unfolding and the terrace, and in side of the south is escarped Reef and hillock bank. Of this hillock bank we can see the ocean that it is always adorned sprinkling the wave. In the Rambutsiwi temple of westside environmental there is a corridor to take a rest and to enjoy the beauty of the panorama of the sea that very enjoying. Not far from the mentioned corridor, in lateral temple of the south there is steep terrace descends walk to pray for. In coastal periphery of the hillock bank there are two caves assumed like saints and sagradas.

rambut siwiThe atmosphere in this place is calm and good for the restoration of the mind. The temple of Rambutsiwi located in the coastal periphery of the south piece of the west Bali is the inclusive of the village of Yeh Embang Kangin, Subdistrict of Mendoyo, Jembrana regency. In northside of the atmosphere of the temple, near 200 meters of the way of the commanders of unfolding of Denpasar-Gilimanuk, they are environmental spiderweb of the temple of Rambutsiwi there. In the temple of Rambutsiwi they are also the daily exhibition available of the exhibition of paintings and the other gallery of the memory. The best time to visit Rambutsiwi is in the evening before the sunset.