The Sanur beach is long and has white sand. Also one takes shelter, that makes advisable for swimming. Nevertheless, the warm beaches and the being a quite substantial tourist area creates a disadvantage in which the quality of the water is not as good as the Nusa Dua beach. Some people suggest you can tube respirator of Sanur, but died reef of long term does and his they are very few colorful fish to see. There are also multiple problems of errosion of the beach in Sanur.

sanur beachSanur can be divided inside to 4 areas. The north, the Pantai, the power station and the one of the south. Given Sanur was the option of most of ex--patriotic the Dutch, he of the independence of the post also has a then more cultural sensation slightly other southern areas of the resource of the beach. Also, desemejante of Kuta/de Legian, is a great amount of hotels that are really in the beach (nonseparated of her by a way). Although there is a number of bars, is not an area of the hospitality of the young people as it is Kuta. Sanur tends to attract more families.

North Sanur

The area is dominated by the hotel of the beach of Bali, that is the only hotel of the block of the tower in Bali (the normal regulations of the building that the buildings of the state cannot be higher then the Coco palms were ignored). Unfortunately also, the beach directly in front of this hotel is considered to be (the majority left in disorder) the dirtiest beach of Bali. In the side more, this area is used extensively by locals that brings here to their families in the week ends. You are so able to see a small piece more of the true Bali.

Pantai Beach

sanur beachThe beach of Kuta and the right south of the area represent the occupied part more of Sanur. Therefore has most of the stores, of the restaurants and the salesmen of the beach. Unfortunately, whereas Kuta moved many of him are the halconeros towards outside in 2001, Sanur no. Result which it is that a long walk throughout the trajectory of the front of the beach (that works the whole length of the beach of Sanur), obtains tight with the tourists and the “halconeros” of the companion throughout this section enough. The best areas of the white sandy beach are here, and down central Sanur.

Central Sanur

In spite of the central location “it labels”, this area much more is reserved then around Pantai. With few hotels and stores. The hotels that are here tend to be the greatest hotels (with the exception of the magnificent beach of Bali) in Sanur, as the Bali Hyatt. Although the halconeros of the beach are around, is no so much as more far to the north.

Southern Sanur
The beach throughout the south in Sanur is not as pleasant as the later north of the beach, although there are exceptions to this rule. You will find to a number of operators of the sports of the plunge and the beach in this area (in the end of the beach of They haul Kesumawati). More, unfortunately, salesmen of the beach who offer services of the massage of young girls indonesias. In spite of this, future throughout the beach to the south, you feel that this area is more exclusive then most of the other parts of Sanur. Also, desemejante of central Sanur, you will find a range of stores and restaurants here, but not anywhere close to he himself degree that the area of the beach of Pantai.