This waterfall located in banjar Labuhan Haji, Temukus Village, Distric of Banjar, around 3 kms from Lovina Beach and 13 km from Singaraja City, Regencies of Buleleng. The location of the waterfall is in the small hill and have a very great environment view. This is one thing which will improve the Tourism in this village, The villager also start to build parking area in this waterfall to make the tourist more easier to park their vehicle.

In the summer, the volume of the water will decrease greatly. The road that must take to reach the waterfall is also good for tracking activity. This waterfall located near Lovina Beach, even you can reach this waterfall by walking from Lovina Beach. Near the waterfall there is a Netherlands Monument, that built to remember the Netherlands general, who dies in the Banjar War about 1868 AD, This monument ever destroyed by the villager, but Buleleng Government rebuilt it at 1992.
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