bali marketThis traditional market located in the Gianyar regency, and very famous in Bali and outside of Bali because there is a lot of good stuff you can found here with a good price. If you smart, you can get a good stuff with a very low price. Known for its art market where you can get the "cheapest price" handicrafts. A wide range of souvenirs of Bali are available, both in finished and semi-finished state. Set in a new two-story building, the art market sells a wide variety of merchandises, ranging from statues to dance costumes, all at reasonable prices.
A large variety of woven baskets can be found here along with Balinese ceremonial items made from colorful prada (gold painted cloth). Other of comodation here such as T-shirt, pants and other cloth that have been colored and painted with the balinese design.

market in bali

You even can find a painting and lot of handmade accesories. In the holiday season, there will be a lot of Travel Bus from outside Bali parking in there, at Pasar Sukawati street. In the season like this, the price will be increase, but same as before if you smart you cand bet and get lot of stuff with good price of course.