ubudUbud is a city in Gianyar regency central Bali, Indonesia, considered the arts and the center of the culture of the island. Ubud has a population of near 8,000 people, but it is getting to be difficult to distinguish the city itself of the villages that surrounded it once. Ubud obtains well-known to it of ubad balinese word (medicine). Ubud is the center of the art of Bali, that a hard concept to perhaps understand, given the artistic nature of the whole life in Bali. But Raja Ubud, animated strongly the artistic development historically, specially in the painting.

The “Puri Lukisan” museum of Ubud contains a permanent collection of paintings of Balinese, dating of the return of the century. Dutchborn Hans Snel and White American Atonio, among other internationally prominent artists, their home had ambo called Ubud. The museum of Neka is another excellent museum, with the wonderful collections of traditional paintings of Balinese of the local artists as well as the foreign artists who lived in Bali. Ubud is extended today to other arts. You do not have to be surprised to work in a foreigner who happens to live in Ubud, meditating or the soul looking for for its following collection of the book or the poetry. Most of the hotels in Ubud they are small, homemade the hotels and homestays that will provide with you a quarter that faces ricefields with sonatas of the bird togently wake up to you in the morning.

ubudThe monkey forest of Ubud is a small boundary of the nature in the southern neighborhoods of Ubud. Along with their environment lush and a beautiful temple are the hundreds of monkeys --Balinese Macaques -- , more specific being. They are very tolerant of people, but they are famous to rob the food and the sunglasses of tourists, so you must have well-taken care of around them.
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